Ligonier Church of Christ
Ligonier, Pennsylvania

Our History

In 1960-61 the effort to put the church of Christ in Ligonier was begun by Joe Connell, the minister of the church in Johnstown, PA. The first members were Ada and Anna Mae Menzie and Jennie Baldwin. These were joined by several families transferring from Connellsville, including Elmer and Martha Knupp, bringing the number to 14. They first met in the Republican Headquarters, where the Post Office now stands, then in a storeroom on the diamond (now a jewelry store).

In August 1962 the building on the corner of Walnut and Bunger Streets was obtained and attendance averaged 36. The members remodeled the entire building, excavating a basement for classrooms, bought and completely refinished old charred pews.

From August 1961 to June 1965 Guy Kuhn was the preacher, outside support was obtained and a piece of land was bought in Hi-Acres as a future building site.

Otis Lang preached in Ligonier from August 1965 to October 1967. During this time Office equipment and visual aid equipment was purchased and a bus program was begun.

Harold McKeel served as minister from November 1967 to June 1972. Sunday afternoon services were held for the residents of the Pinehurst Nursing Home, the mortgage was paid off and the congregation became self-supporting.

In the summer of 1972 George Butterfield began his first work here. The property in Hi-Acres was sold and the adjoining house and property was bought for expansion. The house was used as the preacher’s home and an addition to the auditorium was started. The Butterfields moved away in January 1974.

Roger Barron came to Ligonier in March 1974. The house was remodeled and the auditorium was completed using the space between the house and church building. The Barrons moved to Wyoming November 1976.

Gary Bailey was the next evangelist to work in Ligonier. He began January 1977. During this time, the Bible Call program was started. The Baileys moved to DuBois in September 1981.

In October 1981, Harold Smith moved to Ligonier to work with the congregation. He left in 1983, and Joe Keefer came to work with the congregation.

Mike Yuhas came to work with the church in 1990, and he retired in 2007. In March of 2007, Steven Lucas and his family came to reside in Ligonier and work with the congregation.  They left in the fall of 2011 and moved to Mississippi.

Chris Gardner started working with the congregation on Christmas of 2011.  In 2014 he and his family moved to Michigan.

In November of 2014, Jeff Berkey moved home to Ligonier and began his work at Ligonier.  He is currently still the evangelist at Ligonier Church of Christ.